HSN Dyson

AM09 Hot + Cool Bladeless Fan/Heater with Jet Focus


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save your lipstick and breathe easier with the

3D Mask Support Frame

The 3D support frame bracket can keep the mask fabric away from your mouth and nose, give you cooler space to breathe, and stop awful glasses fog. It also makes the mask more comfortable -> one size can fit adults and children

air purifiers

the portable purifier is on sale for $32.99 + the dyson is on sale for $299


Fashion blogger KatWalkSF wearing a breathable mask for work outs

Bella + Canvas

Lightweight Fabric Face Cover

(the nude mask that I’ve been wearing 24/7)

Under Armour

Made with high-performance UA materials, designed to be worn all day & when playing sports


Made with soft, breathable fabric the Adidas Face Cover is comfortable, washable, and reusable for practicing healthy habits every day


made to move mask

soft, breathable non-medical mask | designed to keep you comfortable and support your active life



The 100% Human Face Mask

For every 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack sold, Everlane donates 10% sales to the ACLU.

Carbon 38

A multi-layered filtration system and a fast-drying antibacterial fabric ensure you stay cool (and safe!) during your next outing. An adjustable nosepiece and toggles at the straps deliver a secure fit

small + large


neutral masks

tie-dye masks

Alice & Olivia


back in stock

Veronica Beard


Tory Burch



hat with face shield

Where to Get a Face Mask in San Francisco

Face Mask in San Francisco

Where to Get a Face Mask in San Francisco

Made by a Local Designer

Amy Kuschel– $20-$25 | Making sustainable, reusable masks for everyone!

I am a big fan of the Blue Jean, Babe in classic Liberty London print.

Alyssa Nicole –  $25 | Alyssa Nicole is donating handcrafted masks to our friends and family that work in the medical field. This mask is carefully handcrafted out of sustainably sourced charmeuse and cotton gauze lining.

*This is the mask that I have. I was able to easily snag the face mask in San Francisco at her studio.

Your purchase includes 1 mask for $25Three-day shipping or contact-free studio pick up in San FranciscoAll proceeds from mask purchases will cover the cost for mask materials and shipping costs to healthcare workers. 

San Franpsycho – $18 | Stay Psycho Face Mask

Stay safe in their newest face mask! This mask features an all over stay safe, stay psycho print.

One size fits most. 100% cotton, with elastic bands. Hand Printed in San Francisco.

RutiDue to overwhelming demand, they will be gifting a mask with any purchase + free shipping.

1. All are made from silk, which is biodegradable with no impact on the environment. Plus, they are super soft.

2. They are pre-washed and ready to be worn and washed as much as you need.

3. They come in blue and black so they won’t get dirty from your makeup and will fit anything you wear.

Evgenia Lingerie – shipping & handling | The designer asks that you support your favorite indie designer by purchasing from their ready-made inventory, or by donating money to a person in need or a fund that helps people impacted by the coronavirus.

If you would like a mask, send her a DM with your PayPal ID and zip/country. You’ll be invoiced for shipping/handling as soon as she’s sewed your mask.

Eve Masks – $12 | They are a Bay Area, based company that was birthed to help during this crisis. Eve Masks was created to provide jobs to local artisans that have been unemployed due to the shelter-in-place and are able to work from home to help us carry out our mission to provide masks for everyone; including those that can’t afford them.

For every two masks that are purchased, they are donating two masks to a non-profit organization that supports our local low income and homeless communities. Your purchase today not only helps provide masks for more people during this crisis, but it will also help to provide jobs for our American people who have been deeply affected.

CAMP Collection – mask set $30 | mask 3 pack $35 | 6 pack $55

Each mask has a pouch for inserting microfiber cloth or other material for additional filtration. It is contoured to relieve pressure on your nose and has ties to prevent chafing and pressure behind your ears.

The mask provides full coverage for an adult face from just below your eyes to your neck.

For every mask set sold they are donating masks to essential businesses. Email donation suggestions to

Sonson – $11.50 | Each non-surgical mask is made of 3-4 layers (double fabric and interfacing) with elastic.

Print locations may vary | Masks are made from quilting fabric and African wax print fabric.

Rickshaw Bags – $22 | All of the masks are hand-sewn with elastic ear loops and three layers each fine-woven fabrics, including 100 percent cotton. The reversible masks come in three sizes and an array of colorful batik prints all with solid-color interiors.

Please note you should still wash your mask before reversing it.

Faye&Fortune – $20 for b2g2 + $30 for b3g3 | shipping included

By buying 2 or 3 masks you are donating 2 or 3 masks to someone in need, whether it be a nurse, caretaker or someone unable to afford a mask. There are 2 sizes available SM & LRG. DM to order and/or inquire!

Modern Shibori – $15 | These masks (the tie-dye photo above) are made from 2 layers of super-soft 100% cotton poplin surrounding a middle layer of thick organic cotton flannel. Flannel is a fabric that provides great filtration according to the New York Times.

These masks have all been dyed using plant dyes and shibori techniques. Twill tape ties are super easy to put on and off. There are two sizes, one for adults measuring 9″ x 4″ and one for kids measuring 8″ x 3″. These are machine washable and bleachable.

A portion of the proceeds for every mask sale will go to the Alameda County Community Food Bank to help kids get lunches during this time.

Aplat – $60 for 5 masks for foodservice works | Buy 1, Donate 1 $28 | They are answering the call to help make protective masks* for the heroes risking their health to serve communities and people in a time of incredible need. Aplat is making 100% organic cotton masks that are washable and reusable for those working in hospitals, health care, hospitality, food service, grocery stores, and at-risk individuals.

Make your mask using the Aplat pattern available

Traveler Surf Club | $25 for one | $65 Buy 4 masks for you, Donate 4 masks for heroes

TRAVELER MASK PROJECT: they are collecting from the community to fund the production of masks that will be donated to heroes who need them. Heroes Are: Healthcare workers, caretakers, warehouse, and grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and others who YOU think need them the most.

Adelle Stoll – $48 | This Adelle Stoll original design is made from 2mm German wool felt and unbleached pre-washed cotton lining. Wool felt has been utilized in industrial filtration for decades. This mask is made from high-quality materials chosen for there inherent attributes, durability and beauty. This mask is not rated for medical or industrial use and only provides protection for casual daily use. For every mask purchased a cotton mask will be donated to a local medical facility.


The $38 Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag I Can’t Stop Wearing

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Katwalksf wearing the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag in San Francisco

If you follow me over on Instagram you know that this bag is HIGHLY featured in my daily mirror selfie #OOTDs. I even call it my pandemic bag! Why? Because it’s all I’ve been wearing for the last six months! It coordinates well with my sweatsuit lifestyle and it holds all the essentials: phone, wallet, keys, mask, and hand sanitizer.

I have also pretty much-eliminated all bags in my wardrobe that are not hands free and can not be easily worn when out in public. I find that by wearing the belt bag out I am touching less when I am out and having to wipe down less when I get home! I usually wear it around my waist, but if you are feeling extra trendy you can easily wear it across your chest as a crossbody.

This bag as been a top seller for me and for Lululemon for a REASON! It is light, easy to wear, functional, and very well priced for Lululemon.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Details

  • Designed for On the Move
  • Water-repellent
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Dimensions: 19cm x 5.5cm x 13cm (7.5 x 2 x 5″)
  • Zippered pocket
  • Exterior pocket
  • Intetior pocket


  • Mesh: 100% Polyester
  • Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Body: 100% Nylon

spot clean

Katwalksf wearing the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag in San Francisco

more bag reviews here

The Tox Walnut Creek Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Review

The Tox Walnut Creek

The Tox Walnut Creek, Massage, lymphatic drainage, facial, sculpting massage, katwalksf, review

The Tox Loves Every Body

and I love The Tox

Grab your chlorophyll water, get comfy, and get ready to hear all about The Tox Walnut Creek!

I just left The Tox and I could not get home fast enough to this blog post.

What is The Tox?

The Tox Walnut Creek is the Bay Area’s first lymphatic drainage massage spa.

The Tox Technique is NOT your average lymphatic massage. It is a curation of the best modalities from all around the world. The Tox Method is a unique blend of Japanese ampuku, European and Brazilian cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, and myofascial release that detoxifies the body and mind.

Before I break it down, you need to know that this is not a calming/relaxing massage treatment. Yes, there were some moments of relaxation but this is an aggressive treatment. I was wide awake the entire time…and I wouldn’t say that it was painful, but it was definitely uncomfortable at times.

The Tox Walnut Creek, Massage, lymphatic drainage, facial, sculpting massage, katwalksf, review

I had the 105 minute The Master Tox + Facial treatment today.

The treatment starts with the sculpting facial -> this is NOT your typical facial. This facial gives you immediate results removing muscle tension and naturally sculpting your face while ridding your body of excess toxins and bloat. The facial includes the use of a Gua Sha stone and Tox Sculpting wand to assist in toning the muscles of the face. The facial was by far the most relaxing (and least painful) part of the treatment. The facial is completed with the custom TOX caffeinated mask and let me tell you -> my jawline is popping and I am READY for my date tonight!

The Tox Walnut Creek, Massage, lymphatic drainage, facial, sculpting massage, katwalksf, review

post-treatment selfie

Loving my jawline after the sculpting facial.

Next up -> The Master Tox

The Master Tox is a drainage technique that helps improve health while working directly with your lymphatic system. The Tox proprietary method moves fluid towards lymph nodes while incorporating different techniques that increase your metabolic rate, giving you long-lasting results.

Not only does this treatment flush water retention and give you an overall leaner look, the lymphatic system is also directly associated with the whole-body function. Improvements are evident in the circulatory, respiratory, and endocrine systems.

For this part of the service, they really go to town on your body. Yes, you are on a massage table and you start on your back and flip to your tummy like a traditional massage…but this is nothing like a traditional massage. From tapping inside your armpits to suctioning your legs this is a TREATMENT, not a massage.

Did it hurt? YES

Did I enjoy every minute of it? YES YES YES

Ready for the results?

check out the before and after photos below

1st visit before and after photos ->

The Tox Walnut Creek, Massage, lymphatic drainage, facial, sculpting massage, katwalksf, review

I can’t believe that I’m sharing these photos…


HOLY SHIT I lost all the bloat in my tummy and all the inches!

trust and believe I booked another appointment in two weeks


I had my second visit today and my mind was blown yet again. I had a different tech today and a bit of a different experience. Not only was this my second visit, but I ran 11 miles today and started the keto diet since my first visit.

I walked into The Tox Walnut Creek today exhausted from my run and with a raging headache from the keto flu and walked out a NEW PERSON. The treatment is excellent after long runs because it will help flush the lactic acid buildup from the run. It is also excellent to visit The Tox when you are on the keto diet because it helps with the metabolism.

2nd visit before and after photos->

The Tox Walnut Creek, Massage, lymphatic drainage, facial, sculpting massage, katwalksf, review

The Tox Walnut Creek, Massage, lymphatic drainage, facial, sculpting massage, katwalksf, review

I came home with a lymphatic detox patch, face mask, and dry brush to use at home/

Time to book your treatment ->

Fall Specials

$150 for the Master Tox (reg $225)

$250 for the Master Tox + Facial (reg $350)

How do you get there?

If you are coming from San Francisco give yourself plenty of time! I had no trouble getting there from the city, but I did have a hard time locating The Tox in the shopping center.

Look for the Rite Aid and High Tech Burrito and The Tox is behind them!

The Tox Walnut Creek


ALAMO, CA 94507

The Tox Walnut Creek Q & A

I sent your questions to the team at The Tox.

Feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments.


Can you describe the body treatment more? Is there any traditional massage? Painful similar to a deep tissue? Do your muscles feel less tense after? Would you say this would help with digestive issues? Sorry, so many questions but I’m super interested!


The Tox Technique is a proprietary combination of Brazilian lymphatic massage and Japanese ampuku. There is no traditional massage as The Tox works on moving lymph fluid out of the tissues and back into the lymphatic system. It is focused on getting your lymphatic system super healthy which has so many health benefits. Rids your body of toxins, helps with digestion and gastrointestinal issues, helps with sleep, energy, chronic pain, mood and so much more! As far as pain is concerned.. it doesn’t really hurt, some things might feel slightly uncomfortable depending on the sensitivity of your skin and sometimes even the time of the month. Overall .. it is AMAZING!! definitely a MUST!


Do you have a discount code? How much does it cost?


The prices are as low as they will ever go for EVERYONE!! So take advantage of them NOW

MasterTox 60 Min: $150 (Reg $225)
MasterTox 90 Min: $225 (Reg $305)
MasterTox + Facial 105 Min: $250 (Reg $350)
* All purchases are good for 1 year from the date of purchase. Payment is required at this time of purchase. You may purchase as many services as you want at the FALL SPECIAL PRICING to use throughout the year.


How long do the results last? How long did the benefits last?


The goal is to get the body healthy from the inside out. Results vary depending upon the person and lifestyle. The first treatment or two is to really open up the lymph channels and get the toxins out. The subsequent times allow for better detox because the lymph nodes are not as clogged. NOTE: it’s not just about the water retention, the lymph system is responsible for flushing toxins out that cause: Fatigue, Sleeplessness, Abnormal Hormones, Digestion Issues, and Chronic Pain.


How often can/should you get this treatment done?


We recommend for optimal results to have the treatment every 2 weeks for 2 months and then maintenance every 2-3 months.


Zero injections or shots, right?


Correct. There are no injections or shots.


Curious if the second visit will fell less rough than the first?


The treatment shouldn’t really feel rough or painful. Some movements might hurt like on the stomach but overall should not be painful.


Is it chill to do the day after a half marathon or should I wait?


YESSS!!  It will help flush the lactic acid buildup from the run!

Second Visit Questions


Did you lose weight/does it stay off?


It’s not a weight-loss treatment. It helps get rid of toxins that cause water retention and bloat. If you are trying to lose weight it helps with metabolism.


Curious if the second visit will fell less rough than the first?


The treatment shouldn’t really feel rough or painful. Some movements might hurt like on the stomach but overall should not be painful.


#BLM Blogger Sale + How to Support Black Lives

Poshmark Blogger Sale

100% of the profit from each sale will go to Black Visions Collective

Other ways to support Black Lives ->

buy black


  • snag a SF BLM March 8×10″ Print from San Francisco artist, Michele Bell and she will donate 100% off the profits to the Equal Justice Initiative.
  • the People’s Breakfast Oakland is raising bail for black people who have been arrested across Alameda county. They are also providing meals to houseless communities in Oakland.
  • support families surviving police terror, documenting police abuse, and connecting them to resources and legal referrals at the Anti Police-Terror Project
  • donate food to black protesters jailed in the Oakland uprisings. Black Earth Farms is a grassroots Pan African and Pan Indigenous farming collective growing food in the East Bay. They are taking donations of food both for those jailed during the past week’s protest and for folks organizing bail funds and medical resources. //, venmo: @blackearthfarms, cash app: $blackearth

Utilize the National Resource List