Shelter in a Sweatsuit – The Best Sets For Staying Comfy At Home

Shelter in a Sweatsuit , San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF shares the best affordable matching sets

Pretty much every spring trend is out the door with the exception of the sweatsuit!

This has been the most highly requested post, so I wanted to get it up ASAP so that we can all keep it comfy and shelter in a sweatsuit. As of right now (Sunday night 4.12) everything on this post is in stock. I know sweatsuits are selling fast, so I will keep updating this post!

American Eagle

Sundry at Anthropologie | 25% off

Sonja by Sonja Morgan | 20% off with the code: MEMDAY

Club Monaco 



Goodnight Macaroon – 30% off with the code SPRING2020

Red Dress Boutique



Bandier | extra 40% off sale


Old Navy


boohoo – 60% off everything

Nasty Gal – 60% off everything

Free People

San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF shares the best affordable matching sets


ASOS | 25% off

Where to Get a Face Mask in San Francisco

Face Mask in San Francisco

Where to Get a Face Mask in San Francisco

Made by a Local Designer

Alyssa Nicole –  $25 | Alyssa Nicole is donating handcrafted masks to our friends and family that work in the medical field. This mask is carefully handcrafted out of sustainably sourced charmeuse and cotton gauze lining.

*This is the mask that I have. I was able to easily snag the face mask in San Francisco at her studio.

Your purchase includes 1 mask for $25Three-day shipping or contact-free studio pick up in San FranciscoAll proceeds from mask purchases will cover the cost for mask materials and shipping costs to healthcare workers. 

San Franpsycho – $18 | Stay Psycho Face Mask

Stay safe in their newest face mask! This mask features an all over stay safe, stay psycho print.

One size fits most. 100% cotton, with elastic bands. Hand Printed in San Francisco.

RutiDue to overwhelming demand, they will be gifting a mask with any purchase + free shipping.

1. All are made from silk, which is biodegradable with no impact on the environment. Plus, they are super soft.

2. They are pre-washed and ready to be worn and washed as much as you need.

3. They come in blue and black so they won’t get dirty from your makeup and will fit anything you wear.

Evgenia Lingerie – shipping & handling | The designer asks that you support your favorite indie designer by purchasing from their ready-made inventory, or by donating money to a person in need or a fund that helps people impacted by the coronavirus.

If you would like a mask, send her a DM with your PayPal ID and zip/country. You’ll be invoiced for shipping/handling as soon as she’s sewed your mask.

Eve Masks – $12 | They are a Bay Area, based company that was birthed to help during this crisis. Eve Masks was created to provide jobs to local artisans that have been unemployed due to the shelter-in-place and are able to work from home to help us carry out our mission to provide masks for everyone; including those that can’t afford them.

For every two masks that are purchased, they are donating two masks to a non-profit organization that supports our local low income and homeless communities. Your purchase today not only helps provide masks for more people during this crisis, but it will also help to provide jobs for our American people who have been deeply affected.

CAMP Collection – mask set $30 | mask 3 pack $35 | 6 pack $55

Each mask has a pouch for inserting microfiber cloth or other material for additional filtration. It is contoured to relieve pressure on your nose and has ties to prevent chafing and pressure behind your ears.

The mask provides full coverage for an adult face from just below your eyes to your neck.

For every mask set sold they are donating masks to essential businesses. Email donation suggestions to

Sonson – $11.50 | Each non-surgical mask is made of 3-4 layers (double fabric and interfacing) with elastic.

Print locations may vary | Masks are made from quilting fabric and African wax print fabric.

Rickshaw Bags – $22 | All of the masks are hand-sewn with elastic ear loops and three layers each fine-woven fabrics, including 100 percent cotton. The reversible masks come in three sizes and an array of colorful batik prints all with solid-color interiors.

Please note you should still wash your mask before reversing it.

Faye&Fortune – $20 for b2g2 + $30 for b3g3 | shipping included

By buying 2 or 3 masks you are donating 2 or 3 masks to someone in need, whether it be a nurse, caretaker or someone unable to afford a mask. There are 2 sizes available SM & LRG. DM to order and/or inquire!

Modern Shibori – $15 | These masks (the tie-dye photo above) are made from 2 layers of super-soft 100% cotton poplin surrounding a middle layer of thick organic cotton flannel. Flannel is a fabric that provides great filtration according to the New York Times.

These masks have all been dyed using plant dyes and shibori techniques. Twill tape ties are super easy to put on and off. There are two sizes, one for adults measuring 9″ x 4″ and one for kids measuring 8″ x 3″. These are machine washable and bleachable.

A portion of the proceeds for every mask sale will go to the Alameda County Community Food Bank to help kids get lunches during this time.

Aplat – $60 for 5 masks for foodservice works | Buy 1, Donate 1 $28 | They are answering the call to help make protective masks* for the heroes risking their health to serve communities and people in a time of incredible need. Aplat is making 100% organic cotton masks that are washable and reusable for those working in hospitals, health care, hospitality, food service, grocery stores, and at-risk individuals.

Make your mask using the Aplat pattern available

Traveler Surf Club | $25 for one | $65 Buy 4 masks for you, Donate 4 masks for heroes

TRAVELER MASK PROJECT: they are collecting from the community to fund the production of masks that will be donated to heroes who need them. Heroes Are: Healthcare workers, caretakers, warehouse, and grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and others who YOU think need them the most.

Adelle Stoll – $48 | This Adelle Stoll original design is made from 2mm German wool felt and unbleached pre-washed cotton lining. Wool felt has been utilized in industrial filtration for decades. This mask is made from high-quality materials chosen for there inherent attributes, durability and beauty. This mask is not rated for medical or industrial use and only provides protection for casual daily use. For every mask purchased a cotton mask will be donated to a local medical facility.


March Top Sellers

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF holds the SENREVE Voya Tote.

March is FINALLY over and I rounded up everything we bought.

No big surprises over here. We shopped easy items to work from home in, supplies to work out from home in and small home items to make our homes a little bit cozier.

1 | Chinese Laundry, Cabella Slingback Pump | 25% off at Nordstrom | These stylish slingback pumps won’t break the bank and are honestly the most comfortable pumps in my closet right now. I know most of us are only getting dressed waist up these days, but the Chinese Laundry Cabella Slingback Pump is a great addition to your wardrobe.

2 | AERIE, Track Jumpsuit | 40% off | If you are stuck at home you might as well be comfy AF. This adult onesie could not be softer and pairs well with the MANGO cardigan ->-> #8

3 | Anthropologie, Capri Blue Diffuser Oil | linked the diffuser too (also on sale) | I am a firm believer that if you have to stay in your house all day you might as well make it look, feel and smell like a spa. Cozy SZN is here my friends and this diffuser situation is a MUST.

4 | Bala, Bangles 1 Lb. Weights | I think we all put together our home gyms in March and this was the first purchase. I am OBSESSED with these ankle weights so far and have found a ton of free workouts online with them.

5 | Abercrombie & Fitch, Twist Strap Slides | 50% off | These sandals are unbelievably comfortable. I am a true size 8 and went with the size 8/9.

6 | Birkenstock, Essentials – Arizona Slide Sandal | full blog post review on them here


7 | Madewell, Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in Fleetwood Wash | $75 today so I linked the new white wash too | I wear a size 28 in them.

8 | MANGO, Pocket knit cardigan | I have it in a M/L. Probably the most asked question of the month!

9 | AERIE, Ribbed Bandeau Swimsuit | 50% off | Love this swimsuit! Easy to wear as a bodysuit too. I have it in a size large.

10 | Pixi, DetoxifEYE Facial Treatment | The best BANG for your buck when it comes to undereye masks. Be sure to throw them into your online cart the next time you are stocking up at Target.

The Best Easy Soup Recipes


The Best Easy Soup Recipes

Nordstrom Tomato Basil Soup | I love this recipe because it reminds me of so many fun meals at the Nordstrom cafe after a long day of shopping with my mom and Nana. This recipe is simple, delicious and easy to freeze for later.

My modifications to the recipe:

  • I use Trader Joe’s Mirepoix as the base to almost everything I make. The recipe does NOT call for celery, but I have the knife skills of a small child using a dull knife, zero counter space and a little celery isn’t going to hurt anyone!
  • The recipe calls for low-sodium chicken broth. I didn’t have it so I just used bone broth. Big bone broth fan over here after being on keto for so long and honestly I prefer to cook with it.
  • GARLIC. The recipe does not call for garlic, but I love garlic so I threw some in.
  • I did not make the Parmesan-Garlic Crostini that the recipe suggested. I’ve had these and love them, but I saw the oh-so-famous Cheesecake Factory brown bread at the store and decided to really go for it. Looks like you can order it online here.

What I used to make the recipe

  • Le Creuset | Signature Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven, 5 1/2-Qt. | This magical pot is a SPLURGE but I freaking love it. I’ve had it for years and I honestly think it makes everything taste better. On top of that it is so easy to clean. I never regret using it. It is 100% a kitchen must-have.
  • Cuisinart | Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender | Yes, I own an immersion blender. I don’t have martini glasses or oven mitts but I do have an immersion blender! The best part about having an immersion blender when making soup is that you don’t have to remove the soup from the dutch oven, making this a one-pot meal!

Cheddar Jalapeño Soup | with shredded chicken and corn | love the lemon chicken and rice mix too

You will need: 2 1/2 cups water, 2 1/2 cups milk, 1 boneless skinless chicken breast and 1 package of frozen corn.

Directions: In a large saucepan over medium heat, whisk together ingredients; bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes, stirring often to prevent sticking.

My modifications to the recipe:

  • I was a little low on milk so I added a little bit more water and 3/4 a cups of bone broth. The soup mix is pretty high in sodium so I always like to dilute the mix as much as possible without losing any flavor and bone broth makes everything taste better in my book!
  • The soup box suggested adding 3/4 cup corn and 3/4 cup diced chicken so I decided to make it more of a hearty corn chowder. I was in the middle of making shredded chicken so I pulled one chicken breast and added it to the soup once the soup had simmered for 10 minutes. I also had a bag of frozen corn on hand and decided to steam it in the microwave and add it to the soup after the chicken. I let all the additional ingredients simmer together for a minute or two and then I served it hot with a little bit of shredded cheese on top.
  • For the shredded chicken I’ve tried making it in the crock pot and found it to be dry. I’ve been following this simple recipe and my chicken tastes SO good! I’ve also been using the chicken breats from my Butcher Box and the quality of the chicken is far better than anything I’ve every purchased at my local market.

What I used to make the recipe

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

The time has come, the moment we have all been dreading…

It’s time to remove our dip manicures at home.

In an effort to not come out of this looking like a troll or one of those awful memes I have done a ton of research on this topic. I read all the articles and even reached out to a nail technician down in Los Angeles who gave me a ton of great tips to share. I linked all the supplies you need to Target for this post because Target has been on it for delivery lately (more so than Amazon) and it is an easy one-stop-shop.

What You Need to Buy

To Remove Dip Nails at Home

  • Buffing Block | to remove the topcoat
  • 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover | this stuff is STRONG and will STAIN | be VERY careful with it
  • Double Zipper Sandwich Bags | any strong plastic bag will do | I doubled them up because the acetone was so strong
  • Plastic Bowl | any bowl that you can fit one hand in will work | make sure that this is not a bowl that you EVER plan on eating out of <- just in case any of the acetone comes out of the sandwich bags
  • Kitchen Towels | I linked an inexpensive version from Target, but honestly just grab a couple of rags. They will most likely get stained so don’t use anything that you love.
  • Cotton Balls | just good to have on hand
  • Nail Clippers | to trim your natural nails | I had no idea just how long my natural nails were until the dip came off

Two ziplock sandwich bags to soak your nails in to remove your dip manicure.

Now let’s get the dip off!

Before you get started set up a space (ideally outside) with all your supplies and lay down a rag to protect the surface. 100% acetone is VERY strong.

Step One: File Down the Top Coat | start off by filing or buffing the shiny top coat layer off your nails

Step Two: Soak Nails in Acetone | we are not just going to put our hands in a bowl of acetone! this is where the industry tips come in -> take the plastic bowl and fill it up with warm water, then double bag two sandwich bags and fill them with the acetone.

soak one hand in the sandwich bag while it is submerged in the plastic bowl. why? the warm water will prevent the acetone from getting cold and expedite the removal process. once your hand is submerged in the acetone/water cover the bowl with a rag.

the rag will keep the bowl warm and the fumes out of your face.

take your hand out of the plastic bowl after 30 minutes. dump the acetone out of the plastic bags, replace it with fresh acetone and soak your other hand for 30minutes.

Step Three: Wipe Remaining Powder Polish Off | once all of your fingers have soaked, take an acetone-soaked cotton ball and wipe any remaining powder off of your nails.

KatWalkSF soaks her nails in 100% acetone to remove her dip manicure.

Nails after a soak in 100% acetone Remove Dip Nails at Home

Nails after a soak in 100% acetone, Remove Dip Nails at Home

this entire process made my hands VERY dry

but let’s be honest, all of our hands are VERY dry right now

I’ve recommended this product before and honestly I can’t get enough of it!

FARMACY, Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve

Loaded with nutrients, including amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E, this balm nurtures, protects, and supports skin for a youthful appearance.

Pure, raw honey soothes and hydrates.

This multitasking salve can be used to rescue dry skin, tame flyaways, help soothe sunburns, and more.

find more of my favorite skincare recommendations here

Next Step

Kiss imPRESS Couture False Nails

I will update this post tomorrow once I get the fake nails on! I decided to give my nails the night off.