The Best Easy Soup Recipes

The Best Easy Soup Recipes

Nordstrom Tomato Basil Soup | I love this recipe because it reminds me of so many fun meals at the Nordstrom cafe after a long day of shopping with my mom and Nana. This recipe is simple, delicious and easy to freeze for later.

My modifications to the recipe:

  • I use Trader Joe’s Mirepoix as the base to almost everything I make. The recipe does NOT call for celery, but I have the knife skills of a small child using a dull knife, zero counter space and a little celery isn’t going to hurt anyone!
  • The recipe calls for low-sodium chicken broth. I didn’t have it so I just used bone broth. Big bone broth fan over here after being on keto for so long and honestly I prefer to cook with it.
  • GARLIC. The recipe does not call for garlic, but I love garlic so I threw some in.
  • I did not make the Parmesan-Garlic Crostini that the recipe suggested. I’ve had these and love them, but I saw the oh-so-famous Cheesecake Factory brown bread at the store and decided to really go for it. Looks like you can order it online here.

What I used to make the recipe

  • Le Creuset | Signature Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven, 5 1/2-Qt. | This magical pot is a SPLURGE but I freaking love it. I’ve had it for years and I honestly think it makes everything taste better. On top of that it is so easy to clean. I never regret using it. It is 100% a kitchen must-have.
  • Cuisinart | Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender | Yes, I own an immersion blender. I don’t have martini glasses or oven mitts but I do have an immersion blender! The best part about having an immersion blender when making soup is that you don’t have to remove the soup from the dutch oven, making this a one-pot meal!

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

The time has come, the moment we have all been dreading…

It’s time to remove our dip manicures at home.

In an effort to not come out of this looking like a troll or one of those awful memes I have done a ton of research on this topic. I read all the articles and even reached out to a nail technician down in Los Angeles who gave me a ton of great tips to share. I linked all the supplies you need to Target for this post because Target has been on it for delivery lately (more so than Amazon) and it is an easy one-stop-shop.

What You Need to Buy

To Remove Dip Nails at Home

  • Buffing Block | to remove the topcoat
  • 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover | this stuff is STRONG and will STAIN | be VERY careful with it
  • Double Zipper Sandwich Bags | any strong plastic bag will do | I doubled them up because the acetone was so strong
  • Plastic Bowl | any bowl that you can fit one hand in will work | make sure that this is not a bowl that you EVER plan on eating out of <- just in case any of the acetone comes out of the sandwich bags
  • Kitchen Towels | I linked an inexpensive version from Target, but honestly just grab a couple of rags. They will most likely get stained so don’t use anything that you love.
  • Cotton Balls | just good to have on hand
  • Nail Clippers | to trim your natural nails | I had no idea just how long my natural nails were until the dip came off

Two ziplock sandwich bags to soak your nails in to remove your dip manicure.

Now let’s get the dip off!

Before you get started set up a space (ideally outside) with all your supplies and lay down a rag to protect the surface. 100% acetone is VERY strong.

Step One: File Down the Top Coat | start off by filing or buffing the shiny top coat layer off your nails

Step Two: Soak Nails in Acetone | we are not just going to put our hands in a bowl of acetone! this is where the industry tips come in -> take the plastic bowl and fill it up with warm water, then double bag two sandwich bags and fill them with the acetone.

soak one hand in the sandwich bag while it is submerged in the plastic bowl. why? the warm water will prevent the acetone from getting cold and expedite the removal process. once your hand is submerged in the acetone/water cover the bowl with a rag.

the rag will keep the bowl warm and the fumes out of your face.

take your hand out of the plastic bowl after 30 minutes. dump the acetone out of the plastic bags, replace it with fresh acetone and soak your other hand for 30minutes.

Step Three: Wipe Remaining Powder Polish Off | once all of your fingers have soaked, take an acetone-soaked cotton ball and wipe any remaining powder off of your nails.

KatWalkSF soaks her nails in 100% acetone to remove her dip manicure.

Nails after a soak in 100% acetone Remove Dip Nails at Home

Nails after a soak in 100% acetone, Remove Dip Nails at Home

this entire process made my hands VERY dry

but let’s be honest, all of our hands are VERY dry right now

I’ve recommended this product before and honestly I can’t get enough of it!

FARMACY, Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve

Loaded with nutrients, including amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E, this balm nurtures, protects, and supports skin for a youthful appearance.

Pure, raw honey soothes and hydrates.

This multitasking salve can be used to rescue dry skin, tame flyaways, help soothe sunburns, and more.

find more of my favorite skincare recommendations here

Next Step

Kiss imPRESS Couture False Nails

I will update this post tomorrow once I get the fake nails on! I decided to give my nails the night off.

Timeless Style Inspired By Angelina Jolie

Style Inspired By Angelina Jolie

Celebrity Style: Angelina Jolie

When Angelina Jolie was spotted wearing two of my favorite brands I knew I HAD to recreate this look. I am a huge fan of both Everlane and Senreve and actually already had the trench in my wardrobe!

Angelina Jolie was shot by the paparazzi in London in December, and her outfit was just as timeless as ever. She stayed warm in a $148 Everlane trench coat. It’s not the first time she’s worn the piece, either. Jolie has been proving the coat is a smart investment for quite some time now. The Everlane trench coat features a slightly longer, more relaxed fit and added luxe, weather-ready details—like a storm flap and a water-resistant finish. Check this essential off your list.

This was, however, was the first time I’ve seen her carrying the Senreve Voya tote.  The bags come in a ton of fun shades, but, of course, Jolie kept things classy with a match-everything beige color, so I bit the bullet and invested in the stunning bag. This is my third Senreve bag and quite possibly my new favorite. The Voya Tote fits my laptop (with a removable micro-suede laptop compartment that fits up to a 14” laptop), plus features 8 additional pockets to hold anything else you need ->-> my life is finally organized!

Style Inspired By Angelina Jolie, KatWalkSF wears an Everlane trench and SENREVE Voya tote

Style Inspired By Angelina Jolie, KatWalkSF wears an Everlane trench and SENREVE Voya tote

25% off the Chinese Laundry Cabella Slingback Pump

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF holds the SENREVE Voya Tote.

Snag my Senreve bag at up to 20% off during the Handbag Revival Sale

use the code: KATWALKSF at Senreve for $50 off

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF holds the SENREVE Voya Tote.

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF holds the SENREVE Voya Tote.

Style Inspired By Angelina Jolie, KatWalkSF wears an Everlane trench and SENREVE Voya tote

What I Wore | Style Inspired By Angelina Jolie

Trench: Everlane, The Drape Trench Coat | khaki | size medium | 25% off until Monday

Top: Madewell, Courier Button-Back Shirt | pure white | size medium

Jeans: Madewell, Cali Demi-Boot Jeans | fleetwood wash | size 28

Pumps: Chinese Laundry, Cabella Slingback Pump | 25% off at Nordstrom

Bag: SENREVE, Voya Tote | cream | save $50 off with the code: KATWALKSF

Sunglasses: Le Specs, Air Heart 51mm Sunglasses | more on these sunglasses ->-> worn by Meghan Markle here

Necklaces: Gorjana, Parker Necklace + Parker Necklace

These $39 Birkenstocks Are All You Need For Summer

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF wears the $39 Birkenstocks at the Meritage Napa Hotel.

25% off today 


$39 Birkenstocks – The Arizona Slide Sandal


Update ->-> These sandals are STILL the only sandal you need in your wardrobe, but since I wrote this post last year the price has gone up to $45

All you need for summer is a BOLD statement, but I 100% stand behind it! My favorite boho sandals got a sporty UPGRADE from Birkenstock, masters of comfort since 1774. Their iconic cushioned sandal was revised in allover rubber-like texture with sleek adjustable straps designed to exercise foot and leg muscles while providing comfort. At the ripe old age of 32, comfort is key and honestly the main selling factor in a summer sandal for me. The contoured footbed absorbs shock and mimics the shape of a healthy foot, while pronounced medial and metatarsal arches support the instep and ball of your foot.

I snagged these $39 Birkenstocks at the beginning of last summer and haven’t looked back. I own them in the white color and just like last summer they are selling out quickly. I know white summer sandals sound scary and NOT very practical, but these sandals are so easy to clean. Just grab a magic eraser, scrub them down and they will look brand new.

The white color SELLS OUT FAST!

Stay up to date with my favorite shoes here.

The Shopbop Spring Event

The Shopbop Spring Event

Madewell – the baxter tie dye sweater is included in the sale! snag it ASAP



Free People Blue Jean Babydoll Dress

Free People – love the Blue Jean Babydoll dress | I have it in a medium | I would suggest sizing down


Le Specs


AGOLDE Parker Vintage Loose Fit Cutoff Shorts

AGOLDE – the parker shorts are my ABSOLUTE favorite shorts |  full blog post review here

APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs

Sam Edelman

Anine Bing overpriced vintage bing sweatshirt

Anine Bing – today is the day to snag my “favorite” overpriced vintage bing sweatshirt


Stuart Weitzman