The $69 Meghan Markle Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses

“One time I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops. So I bought army pants and flip flops.” MEAN GIRLS


“One time I saw Meghan Markle wearing chic and affordable sunglasses. So I bought chic and affordable sunglasses.” KATWALKSF

Celebrity style has always been an inspiration for me, so I decided to start including it on the blog. I love it when I can find chic and affordable pieces on my favorite celebs, so I am kicking off my Celebrity Style series with the oh-so-popular Le Specs Air Heart sunglasses. I’ve had them for over a year and honestly can NOT get enough of them,

Lucky for us the sold-out chic and affordable Le Specs Air Heart sunglasses have now been restocked at Nordstrom. Markle originally wore them to her baby shower with a William Vintage Courrèges coat and Stuart Weitzman heels, but these black sunnies will truly go with everything in your closet. The best part? They’re just $69.


The Le Specs Air Heart sunglasses cat-eye acetate and gold-tone sunglasses are slightly oversized and crafted from glossy acetate with a strip of gold-tone metal. They’re perfect for hiding behind if you’re trying to avoid the paparazzi…or just trying to hide your hangover.

They come in both black and tortoiseshell (I own both). The Air Heart sunnies are flattering for any face shape and perfect for any occasion including a royal wedding, birth, a festival or just hanging out at the beach.

Since 1979, Le Specs has become renowned globally for it’s iconic and innovative sunglass collections at an affordable price. Le Specs celebrates 40 years this week.

Le Specs has been worn by some of the most recognized and influential personalities today, including Meghan Markle, Beyonce, Rihanna, Gigi, and Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga, Zayn Malik, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber…and me!

Shop all my favorite sunglasses here.

Playa del Carmen 2020 Packing List

Playa del Carmen 2020 Packing List

I just got back from six days in Playa del Carmen and threw together everything that I packed for the trip in this post. This was my first time traveling with packing cubes (spoiler alert -> major game-changer) and a ton of amazing swimsuits for my curvy ladies.

Before I hit the airport last week I had two beauty treatments that I HAVE to share:

Luminous Tan at-home spray tan. This is my go-to mobile tanning service in the Bay Area. Claudia comes to your home to spray you down and could not make the process easier. She ALWAYS manages to make it work in my tiny studio apartment with a barking dog. Claudia sprayed me at 5 pm the night before my flight and I woke up with a PERFECT tan. Check out their Instagram page for more.

Eyelash Extensions at Artisan Eyelashes. This was a service that I was VERY nervous about. I have had eyelash extensions before and they DID NOT WORK. The lashes touched my glasses, did not look natural and caused a crusty allergy goop around my eyes. So I walked into Artisan Eyelashes with a very clear idea of what I wanted and they promised me that I would walk out with amazing, natural vacation lashes.

Here’s what they did:

They used a blend of Xtreme Lashes faux mink and faux mink Xwrap lashes to get that perfect natural look for a vacation. The regular faux mink lashes are soft and fluttery, while the Xwrap lashes are a little bolder— they are tapered so they’re wider at the bottom, giving a thicker, fuller look in the lash line (a subtle eyeliner effect). Both types are lightweight and gentle on your natural lashes. They used a “C” curl, which is the eyelash curler look, in a cat-eye shape, and they gave me a little bit of length (2mm longer than your longest natural– gives a nice mascara look).
Their lashes are 100% customizable, and they can adjust length, shape, curl, type of lash, etc. at any future visit. 10/10 I would 100% recommend these lashes. I am back from vacation and I still have an amazing natural lash!

Fashion and travel blogger KatWalkSF in an ASOS hat in Playa del Carmen.


Fashion blogger KatWalkSF shares what she included in her Playa del Carmen 2020 Packing List, Amazon Swimsuit, Leopard Duster, KatWalkSF

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF shares what she included in her Playa del Carmen 2020 Packing List


Fashion blogger KatWalkSF included the Le Specs Air Heart 51mm Sunglasses in her Playa del Carmen 2020 Packing List



Fashion blogger KatWalkSF shares what she included in her Playa del Carmen 2020 Packing List


I feel like I REALLY stepped up my packing game on this trip! Have you ever used packing cubes? They are a SERIOUS game changer! I managed to pack everything I needed in my carry-on suitcase. This NEVER happens!

Now let’s get to the greatest invention of our lifetime, the TOPTOTE leather hat clip. Designer Lindsay Albanese eliminates the need for a bulky hat box with a revolutionary clip that lets you carry your hat hands-free when you’re traveling. Simply attach the clip to your hat’s brim and then hook the carabiner ring onto your bag, carry-on, keychain or luggage tag for a carefree travel solution.


I have a real love-hate relationship with denim shorts. They are either ride up my ass, too tight or giving me an extreme camel toe…ya feel me?

For the Playa del Carmen 2020 Packing List, I searched high and low for the perfect curvy girl denim shorts! I packed the spurlge worthy AGOLDE parker shorts (full review on them here) in a size 30 in the swapmeet wash and the Madewell high-rise denim shorts in a size 29 in the malden wash.

J. Crew Beach cover-up in leopard


The AGOLDE Parker Shorts. The $128 Shorts You Need!

Kat Ensign from KatWalkSF wearing the AGOLDE Parker Short at the Virgin San Francisco hotel.

I want to love denim shorts. I really, really do. But how can I love denim shorts when every pair I try on almost immediately tries to do me dirty? They’re always riding up, cutting me off in the worst spots or are too big in the waist and too small in the thighs – or vice versa. The discomfort is real, but how can I give up when they’re the ultimate summer piece?

Well, this summer I took a leap of faith and ordered the internet famous AGOLDE Parker Shorts. These are bestselling denim shorts and for good reason. With over 500 raving reviews and the ability to look amazing on seriously everyone who puts them on, I have finally found the denim shorts to end all denim shorts!

I read the reviews and was still skeptical. Most of the girls I’ve seen on Instagram wearing these shorts are a size 24 and I am not a size 24! I have a booty and thighs and will do anything and everything to prevent chafing and discomfort. Flashforward to today, I’ve had these shorts for over two weeks and have worn them almost every day. I’ve worn them to the pool, on a date and to run errands. They are my go-to shorts right now because they look good, are so easy to style and they are really very comfortable. I know they are a splurge, but if you think about cost per wear I’m well on my way to getting my money out of them after just two short weeks.

Details: These shorts are made of 100% cotton, have a button fly with just one silvertone button at the top visible and have a light blue wash (Swapmeet). There are whiskering and fading accents at the front, as well as a subtle acid wash. Light distressing throughout the shorts leads down to a raw, frayed hem.

Fit: The Parker shorts are 100% cotton with an 11.5″ high rise, a 2.5″ inseam and a 23.5″ leg opening. I normally wear a size 6/8 but went up to a size 29 in these shorts and love the fit. If you have curves (like me) and don’t enjoy denim shorts riding up your ass I would suggest going one full size up from what you normally wear in designer jeans.

Kat Ensign from KatWalkSF wearing the AGOLDE Parker Short at the Virgin San Francisco hotel.

AGOLDE is a modern brand with a noticeable ‘90s influence, that can seen by the carefully placed details on these Parker shorts. The brand seeks to help us find our “individuality and confidence,” all while staying laid back and “California-cool.”

Shop the AGOLDE Parker Shorts below:

SKIMS Review | Is the SOLUTIONWEAR worth the hype?

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF models the cozy SKIMS collection with the AQUIS X POOSH RAPID DRY LEOPARD PRINT HAIR TURBAN

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF reviews Skims

SKIMS Review

Last week I took the plunge and ordered from Kim Kardashian’s highly publicized SKIMS solutionwear collection. I had been eying the collection since it launched and last week the pieces I had my eye on were finally available in my size. The sizing is a little confusing but based on the size guide I went with a L/XL for everything. A L/XL should fit sizes 10,12,14 according to the site and but I am a size 8/10 and found everything to be VERY tight.

All of the pieces in my SKIMS delivery were from the original KIMONO collection so they had the old tags on them. This is what the SKIMS website had to say about it:

So as not to waste our original round of production, a fabric label with the SKIMS logo has been placed inside the garment. This label has been wash and wear-tested to ensure nothing is compromised with quality and feel.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have even noticed the tag issue. I was too busy trying to wrangle this shapewear onto my body. The tags are soft, flat and not an issue!

For my SKIMS review, I wore all three pieces from my order for an hour under multiple outfits. I sat, I danced, and I lived in them…and this is what I thought.

SKIMS review | solutionwear

1 | The Sculpting High Waist Brief | $36 | L/XL | 78% Nylon / 22% Spandex

These are by far my favorite. If you are reading this go immediately to the SKIMS website and buy them. Not only are they comfortable (as comfortable as they are going to get), they really work. I tried the sculpting high waist brief on with two form-fitting dresses and honestly could not have looked better. If you taking anything away from this SKIMS review it should be to buy the brief ASAP!

2 | Core Control Brief | $28 | L/XL | 79% Nylon / 21% Spandex

These are the WORST. They do not stay up and they fit like a thong! I ordered the same size in everything and these do not come close to even fitting the same way as the other pieces in my order. They are not shaping my butt because they don’t even come close to covering it! There is also no way this would even come close to being invisible under everything. I am poking out of this from every possible angle like an overstuffed turkey! These are already back in the box with a one-way ticket back to Kim K.

3 | Core Control Short Mid Thigh | $38 | L/XL | 79% Nylon / 21% Spandex

If you are looking for FULL coverage and support like you’ve never felt before then these are your shorts. If you want to eat, breath or talk then these are NOT your shorts. These shorts intentionally run smaller for a compressive look and feel. If you prefer more comfort for everyday wear, SKIMS recommends selecting a size up or just not eating, breathing or talking. While I do not plan on returning these shorts (because honestly, my body looked BANGING in them) I am not quite sure when or how I will wear them.


Final thoughts: Kim is on her way to something great, but the products are not ALL there. The core control brief made me want to CANCEL Thanksgiving and go for a run. I could not put them back in their perfectly merchandised box fast enough! The sizing feels a little off too. If I really want to wear the core control short and LIVE I will most like need to go up to a size 2X/3X or 16,18,20?!?! and that just doesn’t sound right!

Have you shopped the SKIMS collection yet? Let me know in the comments.

SKIMS review | cozy

This week Kim dropped the cozy collection from SKIMS. This collection was designed for lounging in style…a lifestyle choice I can ALWAYS support. The collection dropped on Monday and sold out in minutes! I signed up for notifications on the website so I had a little bit of an early advantage to shop and I knew exactly what I was going for. I snagged the cozy robe and pants in bone and came home to a box the size of ME last night. My original SKIMS order came in a beautiful branded box and this order arrived in a MASSIVE basic brown box. My two items were packaged in clear plastic bags and the invoice was lose thrown into the box. Overall this was a VERY different experience from my original order. While I am all about reducing packaging and going as green as possible (especially this time of the year), this package did NOT feel special and ate my dinner before even trying anything on <- something I NEVER do.

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF models the cozy SKIMS collection with the AQUIS X POOSH RAPID DRY LEOPARD PRINT HAIR TURBAN

I polled my Instagram audience on whether or not you were interested and another SKIMS review and the answer was an overwhelming 95% YES! So here we go!

1 | Cozy Knit Robe | $128 | L/XL | 76% Polyester/24% Nylon

I’m just going to be real honest here. At first touch, I was NOT impressed. It may have been the packaging but when I first felt the robe it felt like a mildly bedazzled barefoot dreams blanket. The robe features a tie at the waist and functional patch pockets. Kim calls it the epitome of luxe loungewear and I am slightly annoyed to confirm that she nailed it. I was honestly expecting to ship this giant box back to Calabasas, but I would rather die than take this shit off. I slept in it and I’m about to leave the house in it. The robe is a hard yes. I hope they restock this before Christmas because this would be the BEST gift in the WORLD and it shipped to me VERY quickly.

2| Cozy Knit Pant | $88 | L/XL | 76% Polyester/24% Nylon

The pants are another story. Yes, they are soft AF but if you are LIVING with a FUPA I don’t think that these are the pants for you. I tried them on last night and from some angles, I looked like Kim and from others, I looked six months pregnant. Kim says that they are perfect for lounging in style, but I am unsure if I can leave the house in these. I go from snatched to pregnant in a blink of the eye. The stretchy boucle yarn is supremely comfortable and ultra-flattering according to KKW, but I’m still on the fence on the cut and if they are really worth their $88 price tag. If you are going to shop anything from the SKIMS comfy collection make it the robe and snag it the moment it is restocked!


And while I’m at it let’s add a little POOSH to this review post. In the photo above I’m sporting the Aquis x Poosh Rapid Hair Turban and holding the $15 mug Kourt uses every day. How’d I get my paws on both of these? The team from Aquis sent over the hair turban and the mug came in a PR package, so I did not purchase either like I purchased the SKIMS.

The hair turban was NOT new to me. I’ve been using Aquis Hair Turbans for years and I honestly love them. The only difference between the ones that I already own is that the leopard print outer layer of the turban is made of charmeuse. If you wear this turban inside-out (charmeuse against your hair) while you sleep it alleviates bed-head. And apparently it’s the next best thing to sleeping on silk! I just figured this out and am going to give it a try tonight.

Now let’s discuss the $15 mug Kourt uses every day. It’s made with double-wall glass so there’s no condensation, which means no need for a coaster, and the sturdy paneling allows you to hold a hot beverage without burning your hand. The chic, clear glasses are part of Kourt’s morning and evening routine—she drinks our Collagen Vibes first thing in the a.m. and our Collagen Latte to wind down at night. I am just drinking hot water out of it because I’m not that fancy, but this mug is good and I’m honestly annoyed that I like it.

Find more reviews here and here.

Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag Review

Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag, Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag Review, KatWalkSF, Kat Ensign, Barry's Bay Area, SF Blogger, Fitspo, Fitness Blogger

Save 20% off at Sweaty Betty with the code: KATWALKSF

Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag Review

I’m here to report that I’m an everyday athleisure offender. Find me in leggings and sneakers whether I’m going to the gym or not. I work from home or a cafe and finding the right bag to take me around town with all my gear has truly been a struggle…

Introducing the ultimate luxe kit bag from Sweaty Betty. This bag will take you from workouts to work meetings to weekends away. In durable quilted fabric, with inner pockets including separate pockets for a wet kit (safe spot for all your sweaty gear), trainers and valuables, the zip up fastening top straps with popper fastening ensure your valuables are extra secure. Can be worn on the shoulders or used as a carryall.

This bag has truly transformed my everyday athleisure look and helped me to say goodbye to the random reusable totes I’ve been bringing to the gym. All my gear is organized, protected and frankly, I look a hell of a lot more put together.

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF holds her Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag with Ckanani

Luxe Kit Bag Details
  • Quilted woven fabric is durable and lightweight
  • Internal and external pockets for your water bottle, AirPods, keys and workout gear
  • A wet kit for all your sweaty gear
  • Yoga mat strap at the bottom
  • Roomy enough to fit a laptop (I use the bag for the gym and work)
  • Two sets of straps: can be worn on the shoulders or used as a carryall.
  • Dimensions: H 32cm x W 43cm x D 23cm

Sweaty Betty Luxe Kit Bag

Shop My Look Below:

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