Mink Me

IMG_1753What do you do when your favorite co-worker (next to you Steven) brings you a vintage mink coat passed down to her from her mother?
Wear it everyday!


I’ve been rocking this AMAZING mink coat pretty much everyday since it was given to me. I’ve worn it to brunch with jeans, to walk Benji with lululemon and out to dinner with the girls with a dress!
The attention to detail are just unreal. I am so lucky to have Athena as a fabulous co-worker, friend and mink coat giver!

IMG_1758What’s your opinion on fur?

I say if it is passed down or thrifted it is acceptable. I don’t see myself ever walking into Neiman Marcus and purchasing a new fur, but I will take a real fabulous vintage fur any day.

Shop vintage fur coats here and here.

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