We Advise You Do Not Wear It To Swim

So 2013 is here and I have created the usual mind-blowing self-help oriented resolutions for the New Year:

Join Weight Watchers with my co-worker, stop saying “Yolo,” (no matter how drunk I get) and fall in love.

So in the mean time I am preparing for my upcoming vacations in 2013…first to NOLA next week with DLo & Ash and then to Ixatapa, Mexico with the HBC for Gena’s bachelorette party. I am all set for NOLA since the current weather isn’t far from SF, but the weather in SF is far from that in Mexico.

So, where does one seek inspiration to pack for Mexico while they are living in arctic San Francisco?

“The Web”

And so the search began…

191568_in_xlWhen I think fabulous Mexican vacation with the ladies, I think Missoni. So today I began my search for the perfect statement swimsuit…and it quickly came to a stop after I read, to get the best from your Missoni beachwear, we advise you do not wear it to swim. Well what the hell am I gonna do with a swimsuit I can’t swim in? So I removed the, Anversa crochet-knit swimsuit from my virtual shopping bag and continued my search.

Next, I turned to my friends at asos.com for a swimsuit that I can actually swim in!

1. Plunge Backless Suit 2. Crochet Fringed Beach Vest Dress 3. Tapestry Floral Print Wide Leg Beach Trouser 4. Mix and Match Longline Bikini

I have already had huge success with orders from ASOS and there is something about free shipping everyday that always reals me in.

37125_WD6668_sJ. Crew nailed this look for me! It’s as if they knew of my love for a chambray woven and printed shorts! These scroll print shorts in golden mustard will more than likely be in my bag!

Well friends, I still have about two months until we take off for Ixtapa. You can find me waiting for the postman and working on my resolutions!


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