Friday Forecast: The Solo Earring

There’s something incredibly chic about wearing only one earring. Even though it may look like you’ve lost an earring, wearing a single ear is almost always a chic decision (when styled the right way).

I’ve recently re-discovered Pinterest + forgot what an incredible resource it was. It is a little dangerous for my credit card, but I have found myself inspired + excited about fashion in a new + exciting way – insert the solo earring trend + all these killer images that I found on the internet.

Here’s the thing about this trend: it doesn’t really work with small, dainty earrings. The appeal is in its over the top size and style. Overly embellishing one ear, whether it’s with a fancy ear cuff, a trendy ear jacket or a shoulder-grazing statement earring, requires guts. It attracts attention to the fact that you are bold enough to go against the grain and rock one earring like the rebel that you are!




Are you a fan of this trend too?

Shop some of my favorite solo earrings here:


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