Poshmark: Sassy & Stylish Party

You are invited

tumblr_inline_mmpka7I9Ko1qz4rgpI’ve been raving about the Poshmark since the day I downloaded the app

(see my posts here and here)


Now I have the chance to host my very first Posh Party!

The theme is Sassy & Stylish (just like me) and will feature some of my favorite items on the app


my very own closet!

Not sold on the party yet? Check out a few of my favorite purchases (and steals) on the app:

photo(8)Tod’s White Pumps-$30

IMG_5207Louis Vuitton backpack-$300 & Chloe dress-$5o

IMG_1171Karen Walker sunnies-$95 & The Louis Vuitton backpack again!

IMG_0576Vintage Chanel Earrings-$120



And I saved the best for last! This vintage Chanel jacket was the ultimate steal & will live in my closet forever! I took this bad boy home for just $225 and pranced around Paris in it feeling oh-so-fab!

Haven’t downloaded the app yet?

Join today and use the code: HBCRR to earn a $5 credit!

See you at 7!

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