A Healthy Start: How Turning 30 Helped Me Change My Morning Routine

As some of you may know I turned 30 on August 25th this year. And with that big milestone birthday in mind, I decided to create some goals for my 30-year-old self. These goals included paying off my credit card… Continue Reading

What I Ate: Al Fresco Dining with Cultivar Wine + Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Can I cook? Not really. 99% of the time I either dine out or order in, but on the rare occasion that I do actually cook I have to have a VERY simple recipe and ALL the wine. So, last… Continue Reading

What I Ate: The Columbus Charcuterie Platter

We all know that since I’ve started ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ it pretty much exclusively consists of me dining out + taking pictures of the glorious food a fabulous chef has prepared… Well, this week is different! I teamed up with… Continue Reading